The Bare Gift Box

Please enter the name of the gift set recipient, their favorite color, and the scent you would like your choices featured in. i.e, Chanta. Pink. Fruity. , Ryan. Blue. Musk.,

A little bit of this.. a lotta bit of that. Build the perfect gift set for that special someone. Be original, be unique. Be the best they ever had. Use this Build-A-Gift tool to create an unforgettable spa experience for your loved one. What will they love the most?

Touch Me. Taste Me. : The edible massage oil.

The Bare Body Bar: An artisanal bath bar.

The Good P Bar: The Feminine Bath Bar.

The Good D Bar: The Manly Bath Bar.

Blissful Bubbly Body Wash: Lather Up in luxury.

Sensual Luminary: The 3-in-1 candle. Aromatherapy candle that turns into massage oil and moisturizes. 

Artisnal Luminary: Create Soothing ambiance in any room with this candle.

Luxury Bath Salts: Soak your troubles away.

Revitalizing Body Butter: Soften all of you from head to toe. 

Pore Scrub : Unclog pores for a radiant glow.

Body Scrub: Gentle exfoliant.