Artisanal Luminary


A spa in a jar....these hand poured candles are The Classic Candle with your own personal twist. The perfect way to create a soothing and calming ambiance in any room. Gift Options and Custom Decor are available.

Choose from Soy Wax or Beeswax based candles. Both are chemical free for a slower, cleaner, safer burn.

Available in the custom scent of your choice. Feel free to type in the Specialty Custom Blend of scents of your choice, use the general scent categories, or choose a novelty scent blend of my own creation.

Cuffing Season: Soft and soothing and sexy. An aroma evocative of a steamy afternoon in bed with that certain someone.

Tropical BaeCation: It smells like what a fun in the sun FEELS like. Fresh fruit Pina Coladas, lazy mornings, sunsets in paradise and sex on the beach (minus the sand in your butt)

The NightCap: An intoxicating blend of vanilla bourbon and citrus with earthy top notes. Invite someone in for the evening.

Savage AF: Captivating. Compelling. Carnal. The scent equivalent to a night of HELL YES. An exotic, earthy aroma with a woodsy base and floral top notes.

Pretty Pussy: Everyone wants one. A delicate floral bouquet blended with hints of citrus and musk. The embodiment of the most passionate essence of a woman.

Add essential oils to your candle to further enhance and elevate the tranquility of your mood.