Beard Dynamic Duo Gift Set


Keep that beard healthy, tamed and sexy by using the Nourishing Beard Oil AND the Invigorating Beard Wash.

A dynamic duo designed to help with beard growth and maintenance, that also keeps your skin healthy and supple.

Add a Sculpting Beard Balm to make it a Trio.

Opt for a Pore Toner to keep skin healthy underneath that mane. 

Opt for a Good D Bar to ensure that the curtains match the drapes. 

Available in one scent of your choice.

Distinguished Gentleman: Classic. Crisp. Compelling.

      A fresh spin on the traditional clean cotton scent with hints of earthy top notes.

Ruggedly Handsome: Intoxictaing and Enchanting.

        The scent equivalent to a devilish grin with a musky base and hints of citrus.

Savage AF: Captivating and Carnal.

        The scent equivalent to a night of HELL YES. An exotic, earthy aroma with a woodsy base and floral top notes.